Native Web3 for Swift

Distraction free interactions with Ethereum

import Web3Swift
let sender: PrivateKey = EthPrivateKey(
hex: "0x1636e10756e62baabddd4364010444205f1216bdb1644ff8f776f6e2982aa9f5"
let recipient: BytesScalar = EthAddress(
hex: "0x79d2c50Ba0cA4a2C6F8D65eBa1358bEfc1cFD403"
let network: Network = InfuraNetwork(
chain: "mainnet",
apiKey: "metamask"
let amount: BytesScalar = EthNumber(
hex: "0xde0b6b3a7640000"
let response = try SendRawTransactionProcedure(
network: network,
transactionBytes: EthDirectTransactionBytes(
network: network,
senderKey: sender,
recipientAddress: recipient,
weiAmount: amount


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